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Turf Wizard, LLC was established in 2007 in Senoia, Georgia. Starting out with 160 customers, our lawn care company has grown our roster nearly four times over. We have accomplished this feat by providing everyone who comes to us for service with a green, thick lawn free of weeds and pests. Though we have expanded our client base, we maintain the small business attitude of the personal touch, and good communication. The quality of our lawn service always comes before quantity of customers. The key services of our proud company are:
     • Lawn fertilization
     • Weed control
     • Aeration
     • Overseeding
     • Fire ant control
     • Grub control
     • Flea and tick control
     • Horse pasture fertilization and weed control
     • Horse pasture aeration and overseeding

In addition, we also have an “armadillo suppression” program, which is a 2-step grub control program. Our company has a Category 24 pesticide applicator’s license, as well as all of the lawfully required certifications from the state of Georgia. Our clientele consists mainly of residential customers, however we also service multi-acre farms.

Our Products
Every product we select is done after a unique vetting process. Many lawn fertilizer companies will claim to treat your lawn as they would their own. At Turf Wizard, LLC, we follow through. We might even be able to make the claim that we treat your lawns even better than our own. Every new product we purchase, we try on our own lawn before it goes on yours. If there is something wrong with the product, your yard will never see it.

In order for any chemical product to be in the arsenal of Turf Wizard, LLC, it not only has to work exceptionally well, it also has to be friendly to surroundings, and safe for humans, pets, and beneficial bugs. All products used by our company are agriculturally friendly.

Our Staff
Many people will claim that magic does not exist. Those people have never seen the members of our staff ply their trade. Our slogan, “Let the Wizard do His Magic,” is repeatedly lived up to day after day, year after year. The official licenses and certifications of our lawn treatment service employees are only the beginning of their qualifications. The training and field experience they bring to your lawn ends up with a result as spectacular as if they were waving a lawn care wand. 

The ownership and staff at our lawn service business not only knows what we are doing, but we are also approachable and accommodating to communicate with you, the customer. Should you have any concerns or questions about what we are doing or using on your lawn, we would be happy to answer them.

Personal Commitment
At Turf Wizard, LLC, we realize better than anyone that individual yards are different, and the lawn treatment service will require adjustments. Before we start a program, we will consult with you about the needs of your particular lawn. Always striving for full customer satisfaction, we have the knowledge and experience to make the proper tweaks, and not automatically lay down an application, or give your lawn something that it does not require. Our company has grown because it has earned the trust and confidence of our clients.

Contact Us
Out of all the lawn care companies in or around Senoia, it is Turf Wizard, LLC that will give you the greenest and most weed-free lawn, as well as the largest reduction in unwanted ants, fleas, ticks, and grubs. Our Wizard, LLCs are dedicated to protecting and nourishing your lawn for a fair, affordable price. Please contact us today for more information, we would love to hear from you.