Aeration Senoia GA

Though it is often overlooked by many property owners, the aeration of your lawn is critical to the long term health of your lawn. When determining an optimal quantity of water and fertilizer for a body of turf, it is based in the assumption that it is going to be absorbed. However, if aeration is not done at least once or twice per year, much of what your grass is being fed will not be able to reach the roots. When you call on the team at Turf Wizard, LLC to care for your lawn, we are determined to make sure that your grass will be able to eat what it is being given. That is why we stress the importance of core aeration. Customers all over the surrounding area of Senoia have benefitted from choosing our first-class team and equipment to service their lawn.

How it Works
For our residential customers, we use two 800-pound core aerators. These will pull plugs measuring two and a half inches in length, and three quarters of an inch in diameter. This will have the immediate effect of oxygenating the soil. It will expand the available space for the soil to fall into, relieving the compaction that has taken place over the previous year. For warm weather species such as zoysia and Bermuda, the best time to have this done is between April 1st and September 30th, when it is growing at its most rapid pace.

For farmland customers, we use a special aerator made for doing pastures. This model is pulled behind a utility vehicle, and you will get the same impressive results as our homeowners.

It is important that you do not attempt to clean up the plugs that have been removed and laid on top of your lawn. Though it is not attractive in the short term having plugs of dirt sitting on top of your soil, they will disperse over a period of days, and settle back into the lawn. Mowing will speed the process of dispersion. These plugs are part of the topsoil that contain essential nutrients, and will create a loose top layer.

If you have Bermuda or zoysia grass, as the soil comes back together, new grass will be filled in the empty spots, making your lawn denser. Fescue lawns, however, will require us to overseed. A thick lawn is naturally more disease and weed resistant, as there is less room for weeds to implant. 

For customers with fescue turf, overseeding is ideally done immediately after your lawn is aerated. Unlike some warm weather species, fescue is non-invasive, and therefore does not fill itself back out. We use a blend of four bluegrass seeds. This particular blend has shown itself able to hold up well in our state’s heat during the summer. It is more disease resistant and tolerant of droughts.

The best time to aerate and seed a fescue lawn is in the fall. This is its most active growing period, so the new seed will rapidly sprout, leaving your lawn thicker going into the next year.

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Has it been more than a year since your lawn has been aerated? If so, don’t wait to call on the best team in the region of Senoia. Do not make the mistake of underestimating just how important this job is. It should be left in the most capable hands and equipment in this area. Turf Wizard, LLC will make sure your soil is decompacted, and your grass is able to eat what it is fed. Contact us today with any questions or concerns.