Ant Control Senoia GA

As anyone that has direct experience with fire ants knows, they are resourceful insects. Building intricately structured colonies underground, they are professionals at finding food, protecting themselves, and knowing how to maintain their colonies. However, that unfortunately means that it brings them into conflict with humans, if they end up making their colony on your lawn or landscape. It takes true professionals to effectively deal with these small but formidable pests. If your residence is around Senoia, Turf Wizard, LLC is the place to call.

Fire Ants
Contrary to what some may perceive, fire ants are not just one species, but several that are under the genus Solenopsis. The queen can make over 1,500 eggs in one day, which illustrates what a homeowner may be up against. While fire ants have a strong bite, they only use that as a gripping tool to enable them to use their worst weapon – their stinger. The sting is a painful one that delivers Solenopsin, which is an alkaloid venom. This produces a burning sensation, followed by extended itching, and sometimes a small blister. However, some people have an allergy to Solenopsin. For these people, the reaction can be measurably worse, in the way of swelling, and in extremely rare cases with hypersensitive individuals, anaphylaxis.

Fire ants can swarm very quickly, wreaking havoc on a child’s foot, or an adult’s, for that matter. In terms of your lawn, in building their underground colony, they can also make unsightly mounds of dirt on top of the surface of your lawn.

Fortunately, there is Turf Wizard, LLC to prevent this hazard. We can prevent a mass fire ant invasion of your lawn in just one treatment per year. It is guaranteed to control them lasting throughout the season. The best time to have this done is in the month of March, before they begin to increase their activity level.

Flea and Tick Control
Fleas and ticks are two other examples of pests that can be found in your lawns and landscapes that do not prey on the grass or the plants – but on mammals and birds. Which means you, your family, and your pets. They are bloodsuckers who can carry diseases with their bites. The main difference in their behavior is how they get a hold of their hosts. Fleas can jump up to 50 times their body length, while ticks hold their front legs outstretched while hanging on leaves or branches. If you come in contact with a shrub, or blade of grass with a tick, that is when they latch on to you.

Our flea and tick applications are paid per service; there is no program. We will spray your lawn, bushes, and wood lines as needed. They are guaranteed for 30 days after treatment.

Army Worms
These are predators of the grass, and resemble caterpillars. They are mainly found in Bermuda grass, where they eat at its leaves. Army worms are capable of navigating a lawn in 24 hours. Your lawn could be green in the morning, and have a brown spot two or three feet wide by the afternoon.

While this treatment is guaranteed for 30 days, they fortunately almost always come in only one wave per year. Occasionally they will wave twice, but not typically.

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The well-rounded expertise and experience of the staff at Turf Wizard, LLC makes us the best choice in the Senoia area to rid your lawn and landscape of fire ants and other insect pests that can be hazardous to your lawn as well as your family. Contact us today for more information.