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Fayetteville is one of the first formed communities of Fayette County, and is the county seat. Preservation and growth are both priorities of the residents, thus their motto “A History with a Future.” When you think about it, that’s what great lawn care is all about as well. Preservation, and growth. And that is what Turf Wizard, LLC does for the residents of this historic city. Preserving their lawn from pests, and nourishing its growth cycles. Because we do this more effectively than anyone in the area, our business continues to expand here. We look forward to many more years of serving the people of this city.

Previous to the arrival of the European settlers, the area that is now known as Fayette County was inhabited by the Muscogee Native American tribe. As Fayette County was formed in 1822, so was Fayetteville as its county seat. The progress in its formation was rapid, and it was formally incorporated as a town just one year later. In 1909, its charter would be changed to a city, which it has remained ever since. The residents named the city in honor of Marquis de Lafayette.

In the early days of the town, cotton was the chief export of the community. With Fayetteville being named the county seat, it became the main trading place in the region for agricultural crops. Today, Fayetteville covers 11.1 square miles, 0.2 of which is water. As of the 2010 census, a total of 15,945 citizens were reported. A 2015 estimate counted 16,990. Since the 1980 census, the city has grown over six times its population, with positive socioeconomic conditions causing a renewed influx.

Fayetteville does not have its own independent school district. Its public school children go to the Fayette County School District, which has a total of 15 elementary schools, five middle schools, and five high schools, as well as an alternative educational facility. There are also three private schools within the city.

Business and Economy
With cotton growing once the main business of the city, the economy here has since diversified. Recently, they are revamping their downtown area in the form of new public art, landscaping, amenities, and restaurants. This, along with the improved traffic flow, is sure to attract even more new businesses.

Currently, Fayetteville has a mixture of corporations and small, locally owned businesses across many industries and trades, a good number of which are owned by residents. Turf Wizard, LLC is happy to leave these residents with more time to tend to their enterprises by handling their lawn care. With hundreds and hundreds of businesses and growing, Fayetteville looks towards a hopeful economic future.

Recreation and Attractions
An example of this town’s preservation of history, the Fayette County Courthouse is the oldest courthouse in the state that still stands today. It was constructed in 1825, three years after Fayetteville was formed. It is no longer used as a courthouse, but the city’s welcome center.

Fayetteville is home to the Georgia’s third largest amusement park. Fun Junction USA features thrill rides, miniature golf courses, as well as go-karts. What’s more, they don’t have an expensive flat fee. They have graded ticket pricing so you only have to pay for the activities for which you are interested in doing.
The largest film studio in the United States outside of California resides here. Pinewood Atlanta Studios is a new attraction to the city, opening in 2014. This is not only a tourist attraction, but will also be sure to create many jobs in Fayetteville in the years to come.