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Turf Wizard, LLC has something in common with Peachtree City. We are not the oldest of our kind, but we have grown handsomely in the time we have been around. Though Peachtree City is much younger than many other cities and towns in Fayette County, it has already become the largest. It is one of the first planned “golf cart” communities in the United States. Turf Wizard, LLC is happy to help keep the greenery of this wonderful city green and healthy. As residents gave the city its motto, “Plan to Stay,” Turf Wizard, LLC plans to stay and make a name for ourselves in this great city.

Peachtree City was founded in 1959, just two years after the creation of Lake Peachtree, via the damming of Flat Creek. By 1970, it had already made many progressive strides, with the forming of a volunteer fire department, elementary school, and Falcon Field, otherwise known as the Atlanta Regional Airport. By the middle of the decade, it had opened its public library, and had already began to be recognized as a coveted place to live, being named among the nation’s best suburbs by Ladies’ Home Journal. 

The economy and amenities continued to grow and diversify, with residents and business owners attracted by the friendly atmosphere of the community, as well as its uniqueness, with golf carts now legal for transportation. Since 1970, Peachtree City has grown over 44 times its size. As of the 2010 census, it reported a population of 34,364, and a 2015 estimate of 35,240. The residents live inside a 25.4 square mile city, 0.9 of which is water.

Peachtree City does not have its own independent school district. Rather, its public school children attend the Fayette County School System. There are seven elementary schools that currently serve its children, two middle schools, and three high schools. 

There are six private institutions inside the city, all of which are Christian schools, with a mixture of Catholic and Protestant.

Higher education has a presence here. Clayton State University and Point University are both located within the borders.

Business and Economy
Peachtree City has an established industrial sector consisting of large and small companies. Cooper Lighting and Gardner-Denver have their headquarters here. The Japanese icemaker manufacturer Hoshizaki also has its American headquarters within the borders. The city’s largest employer, however, is Panasonic.

Of course, small businesses are also represented in Peachtree City, from restaurants, to gift shops and boutiques, to individually owned service-based companies. There are also service industries from nearby cities that serve the residents well, namely Turf Wizard, LLC’s lawn care applications.

Recreation and Attractions
It should be no surprise that a golf cart city has a number of golf courses and country clubs. One of the first is Flat Creek Country Club, which opened in 1968. It has three 9-hole courses, a swimming pool, and tennis courts. The clubhouse has room for dining either inside or outside, and contains a bar.

Besides Lake Peachtree, the city houses two other lakes – Kedron and McIntosh, which is the most recently constructed. Lake Peachtree is the only one where swimming is allowed, while Kedron and McIntosh are strictly fishing, boating, and a visual attraction. 

One of the most popular activities in the city is to drive a golf cart. Children 12 and up are permitted to operate these vehicles with a parent in the cart, and high-schoolers often drive them to school. The outing of a leisurely drive on the paths to take in the scenery of the land and the lakes should not be underestimated.