Lawn Care Senoia GA

Lawn care is an essential part of property upkeep for any homeowner. However, many people find it anything but fun. Also, while most people may be able to do an adequate job, only a professional team can help your lawn reach its maximum potential. In the Senoia area, the staff at Turf Wizard, LLC are a team of professionals among professionals in the lawn treatment service field.

The Residential Program
Our lawn service program for residential lawns is done in eight steps. With the grass growing for most of the year, lawn care really is a year-round job.
     • Step 1 (January 1 – February 15). The lawn is treated with lime to bring up the pH of the soil, enabling the grass to absorb nutrients that it cannot take in              with an acidic environment. Watering is strongly recommended before mowing.

     • Step 2 (February 16 – March 31). Pre-emergent is laid down to catch the early growing weeds. Watering should be done within three days of the treatment,          and before mowing.

     • Step 3 (April 1 – May 15). Your lawn is given its first granular fertilization of the year, bolstering its growth rate. Water the lawn before mowing.

     • Step 4 (May 16 – June 30). The second granular fertilization treatment is given, along with pre-emergent to prevent those warm weather weeds. Watering            should be done within three days, and before mowing.

     • Step 5 (July 1 – August 15). The third granular fertilization application is given. Watering should be done before mowing.

     • Step 6 (August 16 – September 30). We switch to a liquid fertilizer and a root stimulant as the temperatures start to moderate. Watering should be done                within three days of the treatment, and before mowing.

     • Step 7 (October 1 – November 15). Pre-emergent is applied to counteract cooler weather weeds. Watering should be done within three days, and before              mowing.

     • Step 8 (November 16 – December 31). Going back to the granular fertilizer, we pave the way for the roots to begin growing deeper when they reactivate in          the early spring.

With every visit, we will spot treat weeds as needed. If weather conditions are not conducive to a successful application on the scheduled day of treatment, we will postpone until conditions normalize.

Horse Pastures Program
Horses are excellent natural grass mowers. However, they do not eat weeds, so left unchecked, a pasture can become overrun by these floral pests. The horse pasture lawn care program at Turf Wizard, LLC is delivered in three steps.
     • Step 1. In the early part of spring, our team delivers its first weed control application.
     • Step 2. In late spring or early summer, a lawn fertilization application is laid down. This will keep the grass nourished through severe temperatures.
     • Step 3. When autumn arrives, another weed control treatment will be given to combat the cool weather weeds.

All products used are guaranteed to be agriculturally friendly. It will nourish your grass, and destroy the weeds without harming your horses.

Armadillo Suppression
Armadillos can be a problem in this area. They are brought on by another unwanted pest – the grub. While armadillos spend their time trying to rid a lawn of grubs, they tend to dig in the lawn in the process of finding them. Our two-step grub control application will take away their reason to come to your lawn. For this program, a grub control chemical is sprayed once in the spring, and again in the fall.

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